About us

Having manufactured and exported automation specifically automatic doors since many years ago, Cutewall company is proud of application high quality products throughout the world. Cutewall company design unit is the first one which has been able to design and generate efficient mechanisms concering automatic roll up door to help users utilize from simple transportation, rapid installation without welding , easy assembly and disassembly and user noticeable safty. Cutewall company produces for the first time automatic door according to international standards in the Middle East and we are evident modern laboratories and workshop that have been equipped to achieve success, turn out high quality and everlasting productions

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Head office and factory address:
No. 110 Alley, Talash BLVD, Eastern Sanaatgaran St, Kherabad Industrial Zone, ARAK, IRAN
Tel: 3553353 (0861) (12 lines)
Postal Code: 3888-383714
PO Box: 773-38195
Email: info@cutewaall.net